10kg Peace of Mind Sale! 10kg of your choice (2kg per selection, special blend and small batch kilos under Selection 5 only)

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10kg Peace of Mind sale

Do the rumors of a future ban have you stressed out?  We are here to help!  Stock up at our lowest price in two years and have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you’re stocked up for the future.

Each selection is for 2kg.  Selections 1-4 are limited to our primary US suppliers. Selection 5 can also be used for these suppliers, or you can add 2kg from our newest suppliers or our special blends that are normally only available at a higher price.

PLEASE NOTE: This sale cannot be combined with any other coupon or giveaway, and does not add to your Reward Points.  This is a sale with a very specific purpose.

*Some kilos may come vacuum sealed in their original, shipped-from-Indo state and not in retail packaging.

For rotation purposes, we are listing the strains that come from each unique supplier so you can order strains from multiple different regions and growers to prevent tolerance buildup from any individual supplier.

Supplier 1: Malay, Super Indo, Dragon, Gold

Supplier 2: Maeng Da, Kapuas

Supplier 3: Magic or Borneo

Supplier 4: Lightning

Supplier 5: Elephant

Supplier 6: Vietnam

Supplier 7: Hulu or Delapan

Supplier 8: Bali or Cambodia

Supplier 9: Dampar, Riau, Piasak

Most kratom experts recommend varying your strains by day or even during a single day, and with a 5 pack, you will have a full range of options to do this.  It is also a great option to test out a variety of strains and blends for a very affordable price to find which ones work best for your body.

5 kilo pack: 5kg Peace of Mind Sale – The Kratom Distro

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Everything you could possibly want to know about kratom dosing:

Kratom 10kg Peace of Mind Pack

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