2oz Kratom Samplers 5 Pack – Free add-in included!

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5 2oz Kratom Samplers

5 of our 2oz (57g) kratom samplers.  Try any five of our extensive list of strains for one low price here.

This is the absolute least expensive way to test out our full line of quality kratom strains.  Other vendors will give you 1oz samplers for a higher price than this.

Free bonus! Choose one of your strains to be CBD infused, or add a turmeric potentiator pack to one of your strains or on the side for no additional charge.

CBD infused powder enhances relaxation effects, or you can add it to a red strain or blend for a perfect nighttime dose.

Turmeric is a potentiator, meaning it is able to allow your body to get more effects from smaller doses than you would if you were not using it.  What is a potentiator?

On checkout, please specify the type of Add-in you would like, and which strain you would like it added to.

Most kratom experts recommend varying your strains by day or even during a single day, and with a 5 pack, you will have a full range of options to do this.  It is also a great option to test out a variety of strains and blends for a very affordable price to find which ones work best for your body.

For a larger sampler size, please go here:

2oz kratom samplers

Disclaimer: Kratom has not been evaluated by the FDA. We make no claims that kratom cures, prevents, or treats any disease or ailment. All information on the website is for educational purposes only. Keep this product out of reach of children. Kratom is not a dietary supplement, but a raw material and/or a bulk herb. The information provided has not been evaluated by the FDA and all kratom products on this site are sold for educational and scientific use. This product is for use and handling only by those with the knowledge and equipment to safely handle this ingredient. Sold as a bulk botanical ingredient with no directions or claims. Not approved by the FDA for internal use. You agree to release us for any adverse effects that may arise from improper handling and/or consumption of this product.

Everything you could possibly want to know about kratom dosing:

Kratom samplers


    Verified Owner

    Great price great product great service


  2. Jasmine Abdulla

    Verified Owner

    You can’t beat the price of this. I wasn’t sure where to start and the 2 Oz sampler was a good one. Its an inexpensive way to try different strains without spending a ton of money and the amount is perfect to really get a feel for each one. Some I loved and some were not my favorite but I’m ordering another sampler to try more strains. I really like having a mix on hand and most of them were more than satisfactory.

  3. hil79

    Verified Owner

    I ordered the sampler to try out a few different strains. Holy cow! I started with Trainwreck and took the same amount I usually would. I should have dropped my dose down a little because it’s much more potent than the Kratom from my usual vendors! Very impressed! White Dragon was also amazing! It gave me the mood lift and burst of energy I love! Green xxx had similar effects to white dragon and the Red Blend eased my nighttime anxiety and helped me drift off to sleep quickly!
    I can’t wait to try more strains!

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