1kg wholesale green kratom powder kilos – 21 strains

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1 kilogram of green kratom powder. 21 strains

Wholesale green kratom kilos.  With this size, you can order in large quantities for yourself or order as a group and save even more money.

This is one kilogram of the freshest green kratom powder you will ever try.

  • Our most popular strains historically are our Maeng Da, Malay and Vietnam strains.
  • If you’re looking for the highest Mitragynine content, please try our Green Kapuas.
  • New vendors!!! Green Kali, Hulu, Delapan, Lightning, Elephant, Borneo, Thai, and Great Green!
  • You can also select our Green Blend, which includes our Maeng Da, Malay, Vietnam and Kapuas strains blended evenly.

If you’re not quite ready for a kilogram, please try our other sizes:

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Wholesale green kratom kilos

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Wholesale green kratom kilos

Everything you could possibly want to know about dosing with kratom:

  1. amethystreams

    I purchased Green Borneo and I’m loving the effects so far! This strain provides a nice balance between relaxation and stimulation. It’s great for when you need to get things done. I no longer feel rushed to accomplish tasks thanks to the clear focus it provides. I’ve also found it to be a great strain for stimulating creativity. It also provides a noticeable mood lift and great pain relieving properties.

  2. Bryanruiz302

    Verified Owner

    Absolutely great product. I’ve been using kratom for more than 7 years and this by far is one of the best strains I’ve ever had! If you use meang da and are looking for a longer lasting product look no further than here! Great pricing awesome customer service, I will be ordering more as soon as possible

  3. Mark Wallace

    Verified Owner

    I am very impressed with the quality of their products. The green dragon, the super green indo, I could go on and on. Everything I have tried I enjoyed. They are more than fair with their prices. The customer service is above and beyond and they treat their customers with much respect. I’m very happy to have found these guys. Best part is our little Facebook community where we help each other out and Sean and company are there for any questions you have. 5 stars for sure. If you are reading this to decide whether or not to try… just do it you won’t be disappointed.

  4. FstFwd

    Verified Owner

    Green Cambodian, one of my faves of the greens. Great mood lifter, relaxation, relief & energy all wrapped into one. Awesome customer service, no need to even look for other vendors👊

  5. Denturepropgh

    Verified Owner

    The Green Kapuas is one of my favorites. Very nice effects indeed!

  6. Joni Salvione

    Verified Owner

    Absolutely love this vendor and product! The customer service is great and they are always there if needed ! Product is exactly what you’d expect. The best …..

  7. zachgohome

    Verified Owner

    I have been buying for a couple months when my other supplier was out and I have been extremely happy with the quality of the Kratom. I’m also extremely happy with the fast customer service and fast turn around shipping time.

  8. Aaron Paul

    Verified Owner

    Always good lead and great prices to boot. Been my go to shop for the past almost 2 years or so!

  9. T

    Verified Owner

    Green Cambodian isn’t all that special, which is what’s perfect about it. I feel like a lot of strains stray far into one edge or the other of effect and sometimes to an extreme. Cambodian though…it’s solidly in the middle of them all and that’s just what I want most of the time. If you like to have a “core” strain with a slight lean toward energy then this strain is what you want. I’ve tried a lot of different strains but Cambodian is now a mainstay.

  10. BreathInTheAir

    Verified Owner

    First time purchase with The Kratom Distro. Green Super Indo (and TKM) did not disappoint. It strikes me as mid spec, lighter on the pain relief side, with good energy for physical work. I’m impressed, and will be purchasing other strains to try in the future from here.

  11. Guy

    This is my third order from this vendor. They go above and beyond on customer service, have an outstanding product selection, and the quality is 5/5. Been waiting anxiously for this weeks delivery and tried the Dark Green Borneo for the first time this evening. Needless to say, it’s so on point, I had to come here and leave a review.

    You will not be disappointed with the Distro

  12. Joni Salvione

    Verified Owner

    Been with this vendor for about 3 years now and I order twice a month and everytime it’s always correct and exactly what I wanted ! There’s never disappointment….. shipping is faster than regular fed ex packages or amazon !

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