Half Kilo Green Kratom Powder – 21 Strains

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1 half kilo of the freshest green kratom powder you will ever find

One half kilo green kratom powder.  Try our fresh green kratom powder and you will not be disappointed.  The powder you will receive with your order was literally in Indonesia less than 90 days ago.  Experience the difference of buying direct.

500 grams of the freshest green kratom powder you will ever try.

  • Our most popular strains are our Maeng Da, Malay and Vietnam strains.
  • If you’re looking for the highest Mitragynine content, please try our Green Kapuas.
  • New vendors!!! Green Kali, Hulu, Delapan, Lightning, Elephant, Borneo, Thai and Great Green!
  • You can also select our Green Blend, which includes our Maeng Da, Malay, Vietnam and Kapuas strains blended evenly.

21 strains to choose from

Half kilo green kratom powder

For other sizes:

1kg wholesale green kratom powder kilos – 21 strains

200 grams (~8oz) green kratom powder – 22 strains – Option for CBD/Extract/Potentiator blends

Disclaimer: Kratom has not been evaluated by the FDA.  Also, we make no claims that kratom cures, prevents, or treats any disease or ailment. All information on the website is for educational purposes only. Keep this product out of reach of children. Kratom is not a dietary supplement, but a raw materials and/or bulk herb. All information provided has not been evaluated by the FDA and all kratom products on this site are sold for horticultural, educational, and scientific use. This product is for use and handling only by those with the knowledge and equipment to safely handle this ingredient. Sold as a bulk botanical ingredient with no directions or claims and not approved by the FDA for internal use. Finally, you agree to release us for any adverse effects that may arise from improper handling and or consumption of this product.

Everything you could possibly want and need to know about dosing with kratom:

Half kilo green kratom powder

  1. JJ Driller

    Green Cambodian: very fine grind, fast set on, great sense of lasting euphoric and relaxing effect, yet not a “lazy” strain. Very impressed with freshness, quality, customer service, price, and speed of shipping! Already switched to Kratom Distro as my main vendor!!

  2. kalenmoore

    Verified Owner

    This is amazing greens strain gives lots of energy foces a great uplifting mood and wonderful for pain. It works great for the long stressful days at work. Definitely one of my favorite greens!

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