Hush Energy 2oz shot NEW LOW PRICE!

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Hush Energy 2oz shot. Kratom and caffiene


Hush Energy 2oz shot

  • 65 Mgs of Mitragynine in each 2oz shot. 
  • 80mg of caffeine to jump start your day.

Each shot = 4-5 grams of plain leaf powder


Hush Kratom Energy 2oz shot

Introducing a kratom + energy shot. A full spectrum extract blast of energy. 

Utilizing unique kratom extract blends, orange flavored, and  natural ingredients. 

  • Quick and efficient method of kratom delivery.
  • Fast and easy to consume.
  • No added Sugar.
  • 65 Mgs of Mitragynine in each 2oz shot. 
  • 3x times more than the leading brand.
  • 80mg of caffeine to jump start your day.
  • Amazing orange flavor.
  • Hush trademark strong kratom punch. This extract product is made with the highest lab standards.
  • Some customers have reported that there is virtually no kratom taste.
  • Unique product to graduate you from traditional powder and capsule kratom.

Each shot = 4-5 grams of plain leaf powder.

Why you should buy:

Extracts are the future of kratom and the most efficient forms of your daily dosage. The Hush Kratom energy shots fit perfectly into your morning routine. These shots pack a delicious punch of mitragynine that is sure to keep you coming back for more. We all know kratom isn’t exactly the most pleasing taste out there. These energy shots have a proprietary process that makes them totally palatable. At a price this low, you really can’t go wrong with giving them a try. It’s an affordable and effective solution and from a brand you can trust.

About Hush Kratom

The Hush brand has been on the forefront of the most innovative products in the entire industry. Their extracts are developed and made in the USA by true masters of their craft. All Hush products are formulated to remove all unwanted material found in plain leaf like: excess photo material, tannins, lipids, oils, and waxes. This extract is on a league of it’s own! You can’t find a better formulated extract product anywhere else on the market.

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