Nava Leaf Kratom Cookies – Three Delicious Flavors! HALF OFF WITH $75 order!


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Nava Leaf Kratom Cookies

Delicious kratom cookies.  10 cookies at 25mg per cookie.

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Nava Leaf kratom cookies are brand new to the market and the first kratom edibles of their kind! These kratom cookies are sold in bags of 10 cookies that each contain 25mg of kratom for a total of 250mg in each bag. A serving size could be as little as one cookie, depending on the person. This makes the strength of these cookies on par with other popular kratom extract products like OPMS, MIT45, and Hush Platinum. The biggest difference is the by far the taste! These flavor profiles do a great job of masking the earthy and bitter taste of kratom.

Benefits of Nava Leaf Kratom Cookies

  • A boost of motivation and energy
  • A feel-good mood elevation
  • Pain relief, relaxation, and sleep aid in higher doses

Why Choose Nava Leaf?

These cookies are great for many reasons. For one, the ability to take kratom anywhere without worrying about spilling kratom powder is a big convenience. Another reason to love these cookies is the taste. As many know, kratom can be difficult to take sometimes with its bitter and earthy flavor. Nava Leaf kratom cookies drastically mitigate the taste of kratom. The flavor of the chocolate cookies is very strong, almost brownie-like, with a slightly earthy aftertaste. Nava Leaf kratom cookies are also 100% vegan, which makes their shelf life almost 2 years. These cookies go through rigorous testing to ensure that both the kratom extract and food components are of top quality. Check out the latest lab tests here.

About Nava Leaf Kratom Cookies

Kratom cookies came into development after many people started to develop kratom extracts. Seeing how extracts from other plants are used in edibles, Nava Leaf was able to use similar technology to create the first professional kratom edible on the market. The cookies are made with 85% pure kratom extract. This extract is full spectrum, which means that it was made with all varieties of kratom (white, green, and red strains) and provides all-around wellness for stimulation, energy, anxiety relief, relaxation, and pain.

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