OPMS Gold Liquid Extract Kratom Shot!

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OPMS Gold Liquid Extract Kratom Shot

OPMS Gold Kratom Liquid Shot
OPMS Gold Kratom Liquid Shot


OPMS Kratom Gold Liquid Extract Shots

Add a shot of OPMS Kratom to your daily health routine to feel more balanced. Made from a highly concentrated level of Mitragynine and other active components using an all-natural production process, this premium supplement is a powerhouse of true plant alkaloids. It comes in perfectly measured small-sized bottles, shaped like hourglasses for an easy grip. Kratom is known for its self-healing properties and has been used in Asia for centuries.

All natural and never adulterated. Each product utilizes all natural extraction methods and processes. It’s designed to preserve the delicate nature of the plant’s alkaloids. Authentic OPMS Gold bottles are shrink wrapped, sealed, and sold in new patented 8.8ml bottles. For a stronger version, try OPMS Kratom Black Shots!

How many OPMS Kratom Shots should I take?

How to use OPMS Gold Kratom?

Shots are not to be drank all at once unless you have had them before!!!

Each shot of OPMS Gold Liquid Kratom contains 14g of kratom leaf equivalent.

Start with half of a shot and wait an hour to see if the effects are sufficient.

Why should you choose OPMS Gold Liquid Kratom?

OPMS Gold Liquid Kratom is an award-winning product that’s unique to OPMS. Thanks to ingenious cold water extraction and a high-pressure system, OPMS Gold Liquid Kratom achieves the perfect balance of alkaloids.

Kratom Extract Shots are typically potent, but not as potent as OPMS Gold LIquid Kratom. It has a smooth finish and gentle onset of effects that supercharge your productivity.

What makes Kratom Extracts so strong?

Kratom Extract Shots contain a high concentration of alkaloids in a small bottle. It’s not recommended for those new to kratom but the experienced user can give it a shot. Even so, OPMS Gold Kratom Extract is powerful and can still surprise the seasoned vet. The 14 grams of Kratom powder is more than enough to provide the effects you’re looking for.

OPMS Kratom gold Ingredients: Mitragyna Speciosa kratom leaf extract 50:1, 280mg per bottle. Mitragynine content 42.0% 118mg per bottle.7-OH Mitragynine content <0.005% -<0.01mg per bottle.
Other Ingredients: Natural and Artificial Stabilizing Agents


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