Javanica, Hirsuta and Reset Packs


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Javanica, Hirsuta and combo reset packs.

Reset your tolerance levels with Javanica and Hirsuta.

These plants are sister species to kratom and will give you similar effects to your kratom dose while still resetting your system and reducing your tolerance when you return to using kratom.

The Javanica is a beautiful green color and will replace your green doses.

The Hirsuta is a reddish brown color and will replace your red doses.

Taken together for a week, these will reset your body so that kratom acts more effectively and works in smaller doses than before.

From the dropdown menu, you can select Javanica, Hirsuta, or both.
If you select both, you will receive the amount listed in each variety (100g both is 200g total, etc.)

Javanica, Hirsuta and Reset Packs

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