200 grams (~8oz) Specialty Blends and Trainwreck – 20 strains and blends – Option for CBD/Extract/Potentiator blends

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200 grams (~8oz) of specialty blend kratom powder. 20 strains and blends

200 grams of specialty blends and trainwreck kratom blend.  200 grams kratom blend.

Wholesale kratom powder.  200 grams kratom blend and exotic strains.  A great size for a moderate user.  You can also order our 5 pack kratom blend sampler and save even more money on these smaller sizes.

200 grams kratom blend and trainwreck kratom powder.

Includes our specially formulated Trainwreck powder at the same low price.  After trying 15 different recipes for a large wholesaler, we finally found the one that keeps people coming back for more.  You won’t want to miss this one.

Also includes our ever popular mixed Maeng Da kratom, combining an even 33% mix of white, red and green Maeng Da, as well as a number of unique yellow strains and our highest Mitragynine kratom blend, Hulu Kapuas Kalimantan.

200 grams of the freshest specialty kratom powder blends you will ever try.

12 strains to choose from:

  • Trainwreck powder – Our secret recipe!  13 strains perfectly blended into the ultimate powder
  • Yellow Borneo – Red and white borneo in even proportions
  • Chocolate Borneo
  • Yellow Kapuas
  • Yellow Gold
  • Yellow Hulu
  • Gold Maeng Da – New strain!
  • Gold Sumatra – New strain!
  • Mixed Maeng Da – Our 3 Maeng Da varieties evenly blended into one
  • Mixed Malay Silver
  • Hulu Kapuas Kalimantan
  • Red Blend – Our four most popular red strains in one
  • Green Blend – Our four most popular green strains in one
  • White Blend – Our four most popular white strains blended in one
  • Lightning Blend – New blend!

Our smaller kratom sizes come with four different options for ADD-INS.

  • None – Pure kratom powder

  • Enhance – Add 20 grams of pure 100x extract to your powder and create your own premium extract/powder blend (triples the mitragynine content)

  • Potentiate – Add 100 grams of turmeric to increase the bioavailability of your kratom powder.  What is a potentiator?

  • Infuse – Add 1000mg of CBD to your order (15g per teaspoon)

For other sizes:

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Everything you could possibly want or need to know about dosing with kratom:

200 grams kratom blend

  1. Sarah Griffing-Hodges

    Excellent way to try several new things out with the option of add in’s like potentiators, etc… I don’t think you can make a bad choice of this company’s menu, but this has helped me tailor each order to my needs without breaking the bank or ending up with a whole bunch of something that didn’t suit me at the time.

  2. Tisha Brick

    I happen to really like Trainwreck. I’ve recently tried it and it’s a really good blend that evenly alleviates several of my ailments all at once. I’ve taken it both at day and at night it does have a little bit of a rough wear off, but it does not discourage me from continuing to use it constantly.

  3. Tisha Brick

    I’m specifically reviewing red sunset here. I tried it a few weeks back and I did like the strain but I had to take a really large amount to accomplish what I needed for relaxation and sleep.

  4. Tisha Brick

    I’m giving a specific review for dark brown bant. I really like the strain a lot, it takes the edge off, gives a bit of euphoria too. I’ve used it for both daytime use and night time use and I’ve been pleased with the results both ways. There is no rough wear off from this particular strain. I highly recommend it to take the edge off emotionally and/or physically.

  5. Tisha Brick

    This is a specific review for the relief blend which I’ve tried within the last few weeks. I didn’t find that it gave me as much relief as I really needed. When I compare this to Green maeng da, I find that since I have constant severe chronic pain all over the body, the green maeng da does better in terms of providing pain relief.

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