Lock in your price for life!

If you’re a regular kratom user, you probably make a purchase at least once a month.  With our subscription option, you can lock in the sale price for good, and also set your reorder and forget it.  

  • Input the exact strains you want or choose the randomized option where you only select the color you prefer and we will send you a special strain each month. 
  • Lock in the sale price forever with this option.  This is the only way to ensure you receive this introductory sale price forever.
  • We have options for weekly, bimontly, or monthly reorders. 

Text “Subscribe” to 208-713-0742 and tell us your specifications, or just select “Subscribe” under the product you’re interested in receiving.

This is not a standard subscription where payment is taken automatically.  This is just an option for you to set a reorder, keep the sale price, and receive a request to reorder each month.